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PHANTASMA – Lyric-Video zum Track “Enter Dreamscape”!

PHANTASMA – Lyric-Video zum Track  “Enter Dreamscape”!

Tretet ein in die atemberaubende Welt von PHANTASMA und lasst euch in eine einzigartige Traumlandschaft entführen…
PHANTASMA, das neue Symphonic Rock Musical von Charlotte Wessels (DELAIN), Georg Neuhauser (SERENITY) und Oliver Philipps (EVERON) haben erst kürzlich das …

…Signing mit Napalm Records bekanntgegeben. Heute feiert das brandneue Projekt Videopremiere zur ersten Single des kommenden Albums „The Deviant Hearts“.

Seht die exklusive Premiere zum Lyric-Video von „Enter Dreamscape“ feat. Tom S. Englund von Evergrey hier!

Charlotte Wessels zum brandneuen Lyric-Video:

“We are so happy to share this first track from „The Deviant Hearts“ with you! There is much more to come. We hope you like what you hear! You can find pre-order links to the album below!”


“The Deviant Hearts” – ab 20.11.2015 über Napalm Records erhältlich als

  • Ltd Edition Earbook, Bonus Track, 48 Page Booklet including Novel “The Deviant Hearts” + 2 Bonus CD’s incl. “The Deviant Hearts” AUDIOBOOK read by Charlotte Wessels.
  • Ltd Edition 6 Page Digipack & Bonus Track – 100 Page Booklet including Novel “The Deviant Hearts” & Digipack Sleeve.
  • Regular Jewel Case Edition.
  • Digital Download.

Hier findet ihr einen exklusiven Einblick in die Story rund um The Deviant Hearts, dem ersten Roman von Charlotte Wessels, welcher im schicken Booklet zu euch kommt:

„Isn’t this wonderful?“
Robin ran ahead while Jacob looked over his shoulder one more time, the hospital becoming more and more distant. The boy couldn’t help but imagining what nightmares would haunt his father if he’d find them gone, what desperation would take hold of him. But despite this bitter sentiment, adventure tugged on Jacob by his hands and his head, and looking at his sister he could feel his heart grow.
A sting in his chest, a smile on his lips.
„It is!“ He shouted. „It is beautiful!“
He ran towards her. They halted for a moment and took hold of each others hands.
„Let’s forget about everything tonight“ Robin said.
„I’ve got your back and you’ve got mine“ he smiled. „That’s how it is and that’s how it will always be.“ She pinched his shoulders and gazed at the flock of paper cranes flying ahead. „Let’s see where they’re heading. We’ll be back before anyone knows we’ve been gone!“


Charlotte Wessels – Vocals
Georg Neuhauser – Vocals
Oliver Philipps – Guitars/Keys/Vocals

Album Guests:

Tom S. Englund – Vocals (Band: Evergrey)
Dennis Schunke – Vocals (Band: Van Canto)
Chloe Lowery – Vocals (Band: Transsiberian Orchestra/ Chameleon)
Jason Gianni – Drums (Band: Daredevil Squadron/ Neal Morse Band/ Transsiberian Orchestra)
Randy George – Bass (Band: Neal Morse Band/Ajalon)
Tom Buchberger – Guitar (Band: Ex-Serenity)

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Über den Autor


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